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  • 5-Part Vet Hematology Launched

    5-Part Vet Hematology Launched

    As No.1 Market share in China Veternary Hematology brand. Prokan New Launched the 5-part Hematology to give the upgrade solution to customer.
    2020-04-27 18:24:48 LEARN MORE
  • FAQ For COVID-19

    FAQ For COVID-19

    In this period which COVID-19 are spreading all over the world, wish this poster can hleps a little.
    2020-02-10 17:51:41 LEARN MORE
  • How Prokan Fight With COVID-19

    How Prokan Fight With COVID-19

    In this day which COVID-19 has almost been the Global Pandemic , Prokan wish all friends take care and prevent yourself away from COVID-19.
    2020-02-10 17:51:41 LEARN MORE