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2021 Shanghai CMEF Shenzhen Pukang attracts attent
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Strong Landing, Leading Innovation

From May 13th to 16th, 2021, the 84th China International Medical Equipment Expo was staged at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Shenzhen Pukang also lived up to expectations and brought new products to the conference to inject new impetus into the medical equipment industry.


As of May 16, the 4-day Shanghai Medical Equipment Expo (CMEF) has also ended successfully!

Innovation and integration, excellence

In this exhibition, Shenzhen Pukang focused on displaying the new high- and low-speed biochemical analysis equipment, the new three-category blood cell detection instrument and the automatic blood cell detection and analysis integrated machine.


During the CMEF exhibition, Shenzhen Pukang received extensive attention and support from industry experts and customers. Pukang has not changed its original intention. In the IVD testing and medical industry, it has been adhering to the concept of innovation, creation, transcendence, and service, and continues to grow and develop!


                           Insist on innovation and promote smart healthcare


The exhibition also invited the international medical online promotion platform to give an in-depth explanation of the products on display. Even if they cannot come to the scene due to the spread of overseas epidemics, new and old customers can also participate in the expo online.

Quality service strictly control product quality

At this exhibition, Shenzhen Pukang showed the industry's upcoming research results, using the spirit of infinite exploration and the spirit of medical testing craftsman to promote the continuous maturity and development of the IVD industry.

In the future, Pukang will continue to work hard in the field of medical testing, integrate innovative technology into products, and escort the testing and medical industry.