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CACLP continues to excitement l Shenzhen Pukang un
2021-05-31 10:28:021

March 28, 2021

The 18th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instruments and Reagent Expo

The 1st China International IVD Upstream Raw Materials and Manufacturing Distribution Supply Chain Expo

Grand opening at Chongqing International Expo Center!


At this exhibition, Shenzhen Pukang and its partners witnessed the research and development results of the new three-category hematology analyzer. This is also its first appearance at the exhibition-with an independent and complete reagent constant temperature system, it will give full play to the advantages of accurate detection in outpatient and emergency inspections.

In addition, the high-speed biochemical projects 480H/T, 600H/T, and 800H/T have also appeared in everyone's field of vision, and they have received great attention and strong interest for their quality assurance and high-speed improvement.

Today is the end of the exhibition. The Chongqing CACLP this time can be said to be unprecedentedly grand. Compared with the CACLP of previous years, Pukang's overall popularity is becoming more and more prosperous.