2020-02-10 17:51:41
How Prokan Fight With COVID-19
2020-02-10 17:51:411
In this day which COVID-19 has almost been the Global Pandemic , Prokan wish all friends take care and prevent yourself away from COVID-19.
As the biggest infection country of COVID-19, China now has confirmed case over 80 thousands.
But in past 3 months, China also done the best of its ability to treat and control this pandemic. Billion people has isolated at home, we suspended all social ways and business and study... Now the good news is , China seems control the Pandemic.
During this period, PE series Hematology has been recommended for the prevention and treatment for COVID-19 by China Medical Equipment Association.
There are more than 200 units hematology has been installed for screeing and auxiliary diagnostic of COVID-19. 
Most installation are the 5-part PE7100 cause the COVID-19 will cause the LYM# decrease.
The stable performance and accurancy result has gained the good feedback from doctors.