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Have a problem for result, any time stay in error for WBC-RBC-HCT-PLT


Q: Have a problem for result, any time stay in error for WBC-RBC-HCT-PLT before the range appears ‘’C’’, I have clear many time but dont change this result, can you help me? The tube is ok, no bubble in the tube, reagents are full, the procedure for empty is ok, the cable is located, This machines worked for 5months with no problems, I did return in the lab for repair but cannot find the problem

A: WBC-RBC-HCT-PLT before the range appears ‘’C’’……….. Mean clog

Please run enhance clean with enhance cleaner for more than five times, then clean it with cleaner.

If this also cant solve with it, please do below:

1 Enter into the mechanic interface

 Right-click mouse, select function-> service-> mechanic-> input pass word 6800check the valves and motor is ok or not.


2 sample aperture clog

2.1: Clean this aperture with enhanced cleaner,  please do below:

2.1.1 Aspirate the liquid up from the chamber with syringe.

2.1.2 Dispense 1ml enhanced cleaner into chamber

2.1.3 Enter mechanic interface, and click burn for 3-5 times. Then exit this interface .


2.2 Clean chamber including the holder metal

2.3 Replace the seal washer for aperture

2.3 Replace aperture

2.4 Replace chamber


3 Value14 breakdown

   1: Clean V14 with 75% alcohol

   2: Replace V14


4 Negative press low

   1: The O-RING of the vacuum pump damaged .  Replace the O-RING.

    2. The gear is broken. Replace the gear.


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