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Strong Cleaner PE-C03

Strong Cleaner PE-C03

Packages: 250mL/ bottle and 500mL/ bottle

Product Use: The product is a strong alkaline electrolyte solution containing sodium hypochlorite, which can wash out the protein stain efficiently and can be used for cleaning and washing the sampling system of PE series of Prokan hematology analyzer.


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Active Ingredients: Sodium Hypochlorite(120mL/L), Sodium Chloride(8.6g/L),
Surfactant(2g/L), Preservative Agent (0.5g/L),Buffering Agent (4.0g/L) and Water.

Usage: Operate as Service and Maintenance sections of PE series of Prokan FULLY AUTO HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER OPERATION MANUAL

Storage and Stability:

The Strong Cleaner should be stored in relative humidity no higher than 80%, temperature at 5-35, non-corrosiveness gas and ventilation in good environment. Avoid direct sunlight. The Strong Cleaner will be stable for12 months when the container is complete.
The expiration date is marked on the outer container. Use Strong Cleaner within 6 months after opening the container.
Application Model: PE series of Prokan Hematology Analyzer.

Product Performance Index: PH ≥12

Cleaning Rate ≥90%


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