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Diluent PE-D01

Diluent PE-D01

Diluents for use on PE series of Prokan hematology analyzer

5L/bucket, 10L /bucket and 20L/bucket


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Performances and Principles:
After the instrument dilutes the blood sample automatically, erythrocyte and platelet will suspend in the diluents. The volume of dilution drawn through aperture was counted. After adding lyse into the diluted sample, the erythrocyte will dissolve and release hemoglobin. The hemoglobin concentration can be measured by colorimetric Method.  Leukocytes suspending the mixture of diluents and lyse and keep constant volume. Then the volume of dilution is drawn through aperture to be counted.
Active Ingredients: Sodium Sulfate (8.5g/L
Sodium Chloride (3.8g/L), Buffering
3.0g/L),Preservative Agent (0.5g/L
, and Water.
Usage: Open the package along the roundness nick part. Pull the connector of the   container out and connect it with the corresponding DILUENT tubing.


Storage and Stability:
The Diluents should be stored in relative humidity no higher than 80%, at 5
non-corrosiveness gas and ventilation in good environment. The Diluents will be stable for 12 months when the container is complete. The expiration date is marked on the outer packing. The product will best able for 3 months after opening the container.

Application Model: PE series of Prokan Hematology Analyzer.

Sample Specifications: The procedures of the sample collection should operate strictly as aseptic technique. Avoid cross contamination. 

Use blood-collecting tube containing anticoagulant EDTA-K2 for sample collection to avoid blood coagulation. Avoid direct sunlight and safety sealed, because high temperature and dust in the air may affect the sample. The transportation of the blood sample must be kept safe and avoid spill. The blood sample should be sent for examination within 2 hours. If it cannot be sent for examination in time, it should be stored at temperature 48 for cold storage. But deep freeze should not exceed 4 hours.
Product Performance Index:
PH                               7.0±0.2
Conductivity               15.5mS/cm±0.5mS/cm

Infiltration Capacity          300mOsm/kg±10mOsm/kg

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