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5-Diff Hematology Analyzer PE-7100

5-Diff Hematology Analyzer PE-7100

PE-7100 is 5-diff fully auto hematology analyzer with advantaged digital technology, laser scatter technology, flow cytometry technology, intelligent anti-clog technology to ensure precise of the test results. 10.4’’ touch screen display and user-friendly operation system to ensure will make your daily use comfortable.


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Stable and efficient

60 samples per hour, one-button automatic analysis and print, support multiple report formats.

Low sample consumption: CBC≤11μL, CBC+DIFF≤15μL.

30 parameters, 4 scatter diagrams and 3 histograms (4 parameters for research)


Sensitive and reliable

Highly integrated electrical & fluidic system and particular modular design to enhance performance.

Sensitive liquid position detection technology, easy reagent management system.

Independent operating system, support LIS and two-way transmission


Automated & User-friendly interface

10.4’’ touch screen display, use friendly operating system, built-in soft keyboard, easy to use.

Support external barcode scanner and USB keyboard&mouse.

Reagent built-in with constant temperature management.

User permission management to avoid misoperation.


Intelligent and safe

Anti-clog: high voltage burning, flushing, soaking.

Alarm: Abnormal sample alarm, reagent error alarm, instrument failure alarm

One-button troubleshooting

Auto maintenance system, customized maintenance period


WBC -- Semiconductor Laser Flow Cytometry Method

RBC/PLT -- Electrical Impedance Method

HGB -- Colorimetric method

Throughput: 60 samples per hour

Sample Volume: Venous, Capillary, Pre-diluted≤20μL

Test Mode: CBC+DIFF, CBC

Calibration:Auto calibration, Manual calibration

QC Mode:L-J, X-B

Parameters: WBC, Neu#, Lym#, Mon#, Eos#, Bas#,Neu%, Lym%,Mon%,Eos%,Bas%,RBC,HGB,HCT,MCV,MCH,MCHC,RDW-SD,RDW-CV,PLT,MPV,PDW,PCT

Display:10.4’’ touch screen display

Working Environment

Temperature: 10-30℃, Humidity≤70%



Storage: 50,000 sample results inclusive scatter diagrams and histograms 



RBC:0.3-7.0×1012/L ; 

PLT :20-999×109/L ; 


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